This page will have news about Carrie and her work on Minot's City Council
Carrie in the News 

"Minot City Council takes next step toward curbside recycling," Dec 23, 2020, Minot Daily News

"Minot leaders greenlight designing of recycling transfer station," Dec 22, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Minot City Council declares Indigenous Peoples Day," Oct 7, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Police designate donations for drone program," Oct 7, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Council considers public mask policy for city buildings," Oct 6, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Minot community reacts to face mask resolution passed by council, Aug 19, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Minot City Council puts recycling talks back on hold," Aug 18, 2020, KX Net

"Minot City Council holds off on recycling decision, for now," Aug 18, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Minot City Council rejects term limits," Aug 5, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Minot City Council rejects term limit proposal,"  Aug 3, 2020, KFYR-TV

"City to hire firm to help find next city manager," Jul 22, 2020, Minot Daily News

"Minot to move forward with recruiting firm in City Manager search," Jul 20, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Minot City Council debates signing onto Dakota Access court appeal," Jul 18, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Minot leaders weighing whether to sign amicus brief over potential DAPL shutdown," Jul 17, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Election campaign shows Minot voters concerned about leadership," Jul 9, 2020, Minot Daily News 

"Minot needs a city manager,  but that can wait," Jul 9, 2020, Minot Daily News, Editorial 

"Minot City Council debates city manager hiring process," Jul 6, 2020, KFYR-TV

"New Minot councilwoman makes history, advocates for change," June 30, 2020, KX Net. 

"Olson, Evans to lead Minot City Council", Jun 23, 2020, KFYR-TV

"Minot City Council elects women to leadership..." Jun 24, 2020, Minot Daily News 

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